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kikbooks - cheap college textbooks

I'm just your average college student.

I am tired of paying too much for my over-priced textbooks.
Fortunately I found an online resource that compares textbook prices.  I know this sounds cliche, but they can literally help you save hundreds of dollars while you're in college.

The answer is kikBooks. They're currenlty in beta and serving only select users (as of 11/12/13).  Kikbooks will be available to all college students in the near future.  Sign up for an email notification for when they have their official launch.

Here's how it works

Price Comparison
KikBooks partners with dozens of online bookstores such as amazon, ebay, chegg valorebooks, ecampus, alibris and so on.  This partnership allows them to find the cheapest textbooks with their price comparison search engine.  Their used books are generally 40 to 90% cheaper than new textbooks at your local university bookstore.

Peer to Peer Transactions
You will also be able to sell your textbooks to other students at your university. Meet up on campus and exchange your books. It's simple and much cheaper than the bookstore.


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